UBC | Sauder Student Awards Night

CPAEF Award recipients Erica Clark and Tanveer Rouf. Both will be graduating from the Diploma in Accounting Program and joining public practice firms in the fall.  Photo by CPAEF.

Robert Helsley, Dean of the UBC Sauder School of Business, hosted the inaugural UBC|Sauder Student Awards Night on March 13, 2019 in the CPA Hall in the Henry Angus Building at the UBC|Sauder School of Business.

Robert Helsley, Dean of the UBC|Sauder School of Business welcomed guests. Photo by CPAEF.

Helsey spoke to the assembled audience and highlighted the achievement of the many students in attendance. He also thanked donors for their generous support.

This unique event was an opportunity to highlight the accomplishments of UBC|Sauder students as well as to recognize and celebrate donors for their support.  The evening featured a student panel discussion, networking time and much sharing of student stories about growth, change and learning.

CPA Hall in the Henry Angus Building was the venue of the inaugural UBC|Sauder student awards night. Photo by CPAEF.

The event was held in the perfect setting – CPA Hall – which is a well used common space for students to connect, build relationships and share experiences with other.

Henry Angus Building. Photo by CPAEF.

The CPA Education Foundation (CPAEF) was represented by Scott Sinclair FCPA FCA, a faculty member at UBC|Sauder and former governor of the CPAEF, and David Chiang CPA CA, CPABC’s vice-president member advice & programs.

Sinclair said, “UBC|Sauder appreciates the support provided by the CPAEF which has resulted in many alumni entering the accounting profession.”

Graduating student William Latu (and UBC football player) with faculty member Scott Sinclair FCPA FCA.

David Chiang, an alumnus of UBC, added, “the CPAEF is proud to support students and faculty in advancing accounting education in BC. We are delighted that so many UBC |Sauder students are being recognized and wish them continued success in their careers.”

David Chiang CPA CA (front) with UBC football player and accounting graduate William Latu. Will is joining a public practice firm in the fall. Photo by CPAEF.

The CPAEF offers seven awards at UBC Sauder,  three awards at UBC|Okanagan and two awards in the UBC |Diploma in Accounting Program (DAP).  Each year, a cumulative $21,900 is awarded to UBC students.

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