CPAEF Supports High School Teachers and Counsellors

A diverse group of high school graduates.

The CPA Education Foundation is delighted to support the advancement of accounting education with local high school teachers and guidance counsellors with a special grant to CPABC.

CPABC has ramped-up its engagement with high school students as well as their teachers and guidance counsellors with initiatives to develop awareness and interest in accounting careers during the early stages of career exploration.

On Friday, October 19, 2018 CPABC representatives attended the BC Business Educators Association (BCBEA) Annual Conference. This was an opportunity for representatives of the profession to  build relationships with key influencers in the classroom which was attended by over 100 high school business teachers from across the province.

In addition, CPABC representatives teamed up with CPA Canada community connect volunteers to deliver an engaging workshop on financial literacy.   Thirty teachers participated in a financial literacy workshop and teachers were encouraged to integrate a similar workshop into their classrooms.

The CPAEF also offers Professional Development Support to high school teachers and guidance counsellors.  Visit the CPAEF website to find out more.

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