UNBC Announces CPAEF Awards

UNBC Campus – Prince George

The University of Northern BC has announced winners of the CPAEF Awards and the Chan Foucher Lefebvre Nelson Izgerean Naphtali Scholarship.

The Chan Foucher Lefebvre Nelson Izgerean Naphtali Scholarship  is matched by the CPA Education Foundation under the CPAEF matching awards program.  The 2017 recipients are Woo-Yeong Jeong and Anuradha Rana.  Both UNBC students will receive $1,200.

The CPAEF Awards for top students in COMM 312, Management Accounting, are: Man-Ho (Edmond) Lo and Zachary Whalen.  Both students will receive $500 each.  Said Whalen, “thank you for contributing to my education, the scholarships that your organization provides have a profound impact on the lives of students like me.”

And, the CPAEF Graduating Award for top student in COMM 411, Management Accounting Advanced, is Man-Ho (Edmond) Lo who will receive $1,000.  Said Lo, “this award will significantly bring me one step closer to my goals.  I promise that I will continue to give back to the community, continue to have academic excellence, and work to achieve my goals of developing a career in accounting.”

Congratulations to these students.

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